Bread Gnocchi


I love reading and discovering about Italian food, especially old recipes and cooking techniques. Recently I read about Bread Gnocchi, which basically is potato gnocchi without the potato and using stale bread instead.

It’s made in the same way as normal gnocchi but using stale bread that has been soaked in a little cold milk to form a dough, which is then shaped like the usual gnocchi.

500 gr. old bread

about 500 ml. of milk

2 eggs

100 gr. grated cheese (like Parmesan)

salt and pepper

(flour or bread crumbs if necessary)


(1). Take about 500gr of old bread and tear into small pieces. Put the bread in a large bowl, where later you will be able to make the gnocchi.
(2). Soften up the bread with some milk. The bread has to become a mush – but not liquid. So if necessary tip away any excess milk
(3). Add the eggs, about 100gr of grated Parmesan, just a pinch of salt and  a pinch of pepper.
(4). Mix together well to a manageable, pliable dough, if the mixture is still to much soft, add some flour or bread crumbs.
(5). Roll the dough into thin 1cm thick sausages, chop in to small pieces about the width of two fingers. Roll each piece over a gnocchi board, if you have one, or if not press with a fork to give the gnocchi ridges.
(6). Cook your gnocchi like pasta, put some water on the pot and wait until it boils. Add some salt and wait again the water boils then add your gnocchi. They’ll go down to the bottom of the pot and remain there. When they are cooked they will float up to the surface.



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