Homemade Burrata


If you have never tried Burrata before, you really have been missing out !!!

Burrata is a fresh Italian cheese, similar to  mozzarella, which is stuffed with lusciously creamy cheese curds, so when Burrata is cut all the creamy curds run out.

This is the first time I’ve tried making Burrata at home and it worked surprisingly well.

1 gallon whole milk

2 tsp citric acid

8-10 drops liquid vegetable rennet

3-4 tablespoons fresh cream

1 tsp cheese or  kosher salt (iodine-free)


(1). Pour your milk into a large pan, heat to 32 C and then add your citric acid and cool water to the heated milk. Take off the heat.

(2). Curds will start to form, and then you add rennet, this will begin coagulating the curd, so cover and leave to stand for about 30 minutes.


(3). Lift off the lid and you’ll have a curds, that resembles tofu. Cut the curds into one inch squares.

(4).  Place the pan back on the heat, bringing the temperature up to 42 C. Gently stir the curds for about 10 minutes. This will make the curds firm and spongy.


(5). Place a pan under a colander (to catch the whey for making ricotta) and strain the curds. You use a colander and not cheese cloth because you want big, chunky curds.


(6). Once you’ve separated the curds from the whey, shred some of them up so they look something like cottage cheese, add cream to the shredded curds. That’s the middle of your burrata.

(7). Take the remaining curds and put them into salted water, as hot as your hands can handle (I wear rubber gloves). This will heat the curds up so that they melt together and should take about 10 to 15 minutes before the curds are ready to be stretched.

(8). Stretch the skin to rounds about seven or eight inches across.

(9). You now need to work quick, place the rounds on a board, scoop your creamy curd mixture on top of the skin, and fold it into a ball. You can either seal the top into a pear shape or tie with a piece of ribbon.


Allow to cool and there you have your Burrata.


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