Minestrone Verde with Prawns


This deliciously, tasty soup is made only with seasonal vegetables which gives it a wonderfully fresh flavour. The vegetables I used are not set in stone, you could use diced potato, asparagus, courgette, green beans, spring cabbage, any fresh vegetables really.

I added prawns to mine for a little extra flavour but the dish is just as delicious without. You could stir a little pesto or poach some thinly sliced chicken in to soup. It would also work well with pasta or risotto rice cooked through it, to make it a more hearty dish.

1 onion, diced into small pieces

2 carrots, diced into small pieces

2 celery stalks diced, diced into small pieces

Bunch of coarsely chopped basil

2 leaves Cavalo Nero, chopped

100g Borlotti beans, I used the jarred variety, but good quality tinned or fresh would do

100g Cannellini beans, as above

2 garlic cloves, coarsely chopped

100g broad beans, fresh or frozen

100g peas, fresh or frozen

Juice of 1 lemon

20 raw prawns, shells removed

500ml Chicken/ Veg stock, good quality bought or homemade

(1). In a large pan, over a medium heat, add a glug of oil then soften the garlic, onion, carrot and celery for 5 minutes without colouring.

(2). Add the stock and bring up to a low simmer then cook for about 5 minutes.

(3). Add the prawns, peas, broad beans, borlotti and cannellini and cavalo nero and simmer till prawns are cooked through.

(4). Add the chopped basil and lemon juice, stir in and season before serving.




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