Pan-fried Liver With Caper And Sage Butter


Italians love to use offal, they believe in cooking the entire animal and making the most of every piece of the creature.

Calves liver is delicious, more people should really try it. its best cooked quickly and simply. A little tip though, don’t season the liver with salt before cooking, the chemicals in the salt will burn small pits into the liver and make it a little tough.


1tbsp capers in brine
150g sliced calf’s liver trimmed and cut 1cm thick
sea salt and freshly ground black pepper
extra virgin olive oil
15g unsalted butter
5 fresh sage leaves
1 lemon

1 portion mash potato

(1). Place a large pan over a moderately-high heat  and add just enough oil to cover the base. Season one side of your slices of liver then place them carefully seasoned side down in the oil to cook for one minute.

(2). Carefully turn the liver slices over, then reduce the heat and add the buter, sage and capers and cook for another minute if you like your liver pink, if not leave it longer but baste the liver with the melted butter.

(3). As your liver cooks warm up your mash potato.

(4). Once your liver is nearly cooked, add a squeeze of lemon juice and then remove from the heat to rest for a minute.

(5). Spoon some mash onto a plate, place on your liver slices then drizzle with the caper, sage and butter mixture.


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