My Homemade N’duja (Spicy Calabrian Salami)



N’duja is fantastic !!

It’s a spicy, sausage/ salami from the Calabrian region of Southern Italy. The recipe here is very spicy, you can add less chilli if you like, but it really does taste better when its spicy. You can use N’duja in pasta dishes, on pizza, on fish, on meat or even just spread on some toasted bread.


1kg pork belly, skin removed and minced through a 4mm plate

2kg pork back fat, skin removed and minced through a 4mm plate
1kg fresh red chillies
200g crushed dried chilli
80g paprika
110g curing salt
20g crushed black pepper
20g whole fennel seeds
1 beef “open end” or “bung” casing
(1). Cut the tops of the chilies, but leave the seeds in and blend them in a food processor. Combine all ingredients in a bowl and mix together well with your hands, you might want to use rubber gloves as this is a very spicy mix. 
(2). Use a mincer with sausage making attachment to stuff the mixture into your casing, fill and tie ready to hang.
(3). Hang for 4 to 6 weeks, till your N’duja slightly firm up but are still spreadable when cut.



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